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Membership queries

Details about membership to Sense can be found on the following pages: Benefits of Membership; Joining Us; Application for Membership. If after browsing our site, you still have a query regarding membership, do please detail your enquiry in the box below and we will endeavour to respond.

Employment and project work related queries

If you are looking for a nutritionist you can search our members list from our meet the members page and contact any number of members from here. Alternatively if you would like to reach the entire SENSE membership, provide full details of your requirements in the box below, including job requirements, specific skill or experience, dates/urgency, locations, job description, company details and full contact details. We will then circulate to all members who will reply to you direct.

Nutrition consultations

If you have any specific nutrition related questions, and/or require a personal nutrition consultation, please visit our meet theĀ members pageĀ  to identify the nutritionist(s) you wish to contact and then use the contact box on this page and your email will be forwarded.

General Enquiries