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Fiona Wilcock was invited to write the UK version of the ‘alli diet plan’ after working closely with GSK Consumer Healthcare for 18 months as their nutrition consultant. Alli (orlistat) is a weight loss drug which is used in conjunction with a lower fat, reduced calorie diet and increased activity. Fiona has been working with GSK Europe to ensure culturally and nutritionally appropriate advice and recipes are developed for consumer literature in the different markets. Her involvement led GSK to ask Fiona to write the book which was co-launched with the drug in April. The type of diet which alli users need is a healthy diet based on 30% energy from fat and the 200 recipes in the book which Fiona devised and tested can be used for all the family. Basic information about how to use the drug is provided in the first chapter by GSK, and the remaining dietary information and recipes are based on good basic nutrition and can be used by anyone. All recipes have full dietary analysis and appropriate retail alternatives have been suggested for days when readers don’t want to cook. Menu plans and fat and calorie tables per portion are also provided. The book was given to a group of alli users prior to launch and had very positive feedback, with several users reporting an improvement in the diet of the whole family.