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  • Light drinking during pregnancy – still no increased risk of developmental difficulties at 5 years of age? – Dr Yvonne Kelly, University College London
  • Know your rotlis from your rotis: learnings from the Ismaili Nutrition Centre, British Heart Foundation Social Cooking Project and Change4Life Black Minority Ethnic initiatives – Ms Azmina Govindji, Registered Dietitian
  • The Marmot Review – Dr Jessica Allen, University College London
  • The Change4Life Programme: using social marketing to change children’s diets – Ms Alison Hardy, Department of Health
  • Increasing our understanding of a behavioural approach – Ms Dympna Pearson, Registered Dietitian
  • Getting children to eat more fruit and vegetables. Findings from the evaluation of the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme and further work on children’s diet – Dr Joan Ransley, Leeds University