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  • Welcome and Introduction: 20 Years of SENSE
  • DRVs: UK to beyond – Michele Sadler, Rank Nutrition Ltd
  • Health Claims and Regulatory Developments – Janice Harland, HarlandHall
  • Food Trends and Market Changes – Karen Tonks, Karen Tonks Consultancy Ltd
  • Government Food-based Recommendations and the Future of Healthy Eating Advice – Judy Buttriss, Director General, BNF
  • Sugar: What has changed and where are we heading? – Azmina Govindji, Azmina Nutrition
  • Obesity – Margaret Ashwell, Ashwell Associates
  • Weight Loss Diets – Fiona Wilcock, Tasty Nutrition
  • Maternal and Infant Nutrition – Charlotte Stirling Reed, SR Nutrition