Prevention & Lifestyle Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Tuesday 28th June 2022
London Metropolitan University, Holloway Road, London

• Nutrition the only potentially active treatment for Type 2 diabetes? Dr Duane Mellor, Aston Medical School
• Digital healthcare in diabetes prevention, education and remission – paving the way forward. Lucy Diamond, Clinical Director UK and Global Dietetics Expert, Oviva
• Low carb diets for type 2 diabetes: evidence base and practical implementation. Trudi Deakin, Chief Executive and Consultant Research Dietitian, X-PERT HEALTH
• Margaret’s mishaps – turning disasters into opportunities. Dr Margaret Ashwell, Ashwell Associates
• How to grow your business – collaborative problem solving and tapping into your SENSE network

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Tuesday 15th March 2005

  • Introduction (to include welcome from Emma Wigsell and update on the work of Coke in the health area)
  • Nutrition and the Genome – Talk given by Janice Harland
  • Nutritional profiling of foods and Signposting: What, Why, How, If… When…..?
    1.View from the top (FSA: Mark Brown)
    2.Research on profiling (Lynn Stockley)
    3.Issues for Industry (Clare Chapman,

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